Very helpful glue gun - a should tool for each house features: for pretty much all bonding jobs. Trigger feed for even glue flow perfect for home repairs, hobbies and crafts usage: plug in gun. Load the glue sticks into the back of the gun. Press trigger several times till the glue stick is firmly set into the water tube permit the glue gun to heat up for approx. 5 minutes squeeze trigger till glue flows from nozzle some examples of usage: repair holes in window screens reattach the float for a tank when its mount unsound away repair broken tail lightweight covers on automobiles reattach trim on cars reattach the side view mirror on a car reattach the heel of a shoe repair the cracked housing of an electrical appliance create a model for your children college project reattach plastic pack drawers to wood face plates repair of toys, furniture, tv, radio, or any plastic of blow moulded body cracks, etc. Reattaching book binding / covers without handicraft. Repair umbrellas whose spines have separated from the material

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Hot Melt Glue Gun 40 W

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