Why you may need these pads: a great deal of chemicals, toxins, and heavy metals accumulate in our bodies daily.
Detoxification is the first thing you need.
Placing detox foot pads is the easiest way to cleanse your internal body.
They are made of all natural ingredients and have no side effects at all.
Using them continuously for one week, and you will find the "Secret of Health"!
Ingredients of these pads: negative ion, wood vinegar, bamboo vinegar, chitosan, loquat leaf, vitamin c, vegetable fiber, tourmaline, dextrin.
Benefits of these pads: ameliorate insomnia;
help clear up bad skin;
relieve stress and fatigue, soothe tired, aching and swollen feet;
rejuvenate and energize your whole body ;
remove the toxins and the wastes in your body;
stimulate circulation of blood and accelerate metabolism.
How to use: 
1. Apply to feet before going to bed for best result.
2. Clean your feet.
3. Remove the sticker on the adhesive sheet.
4. Place the side of the pad that has wording onto the center of the adhesive sheet.
5. Firmly stick the sheet onto the arch of the sole.
6. Remove the pad in 6 or 7 hours and clean your feet.
7. They can be used on joints, palms, waist, shoulders, back and other parts of the body that you feel weary or aching.
Package includes: 10 x detoxifying foot pads

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Time To Detox Foot Patches Contain 10 Pads

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